A Little Spring Cleaning

Whew. Even for a Millennial, I think I could have pushed a little far today. People assume that all these tech things come easily to those of us in this generation, but as with any generalization, there will be those who don’t fit the mold. Luckily for me, I’ve been blessed with some abilities and I perused countless themes, designed logos, and got my blog looking a bit more presentable if I do say.

Now that this has been accomplished, I will set about thinking and writing. I’ll try to keep the flurry of activity to a reasonable rate. After all, “moderation in all things,” as they say. However, I feel there are so many topics waiting to be covered, it may feel like pulling tickets from a hat to see what I cover next. If you have any thoughts, just drop a note in my “ask me” section and I’ll see what I can do about writing responses and relevant articles.

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