If You Build It … They Will Write Guest Blog Posts

Brand Building - image courtesy fmeextensions.com

Brand Building – image courtesy fmeextensions.com

Greetings to all my Millennial brethren! I realize that some time has elapsed since my last post, but do not fret. As Professor Farnsworth says on Futurama*: “Good news, everyone!”

I have been slowly building the footprint of this blog and reaching out to Millennials to get more voices representing our generation. I’m also opening the floor to members of any generation with something to add, as long as it deals with related material.

In short, I am extremely pleased by the willingness to share knowledge and information I’ve found in our generation. If you or someone you know has something to add, just contact me via the ‘Ask Me’ page on the blog, and you could add your voice into the mix.

There are many things to do as we build a better, brighter future, but your reading, contributing to, and sharing this blog is most sincerely appreciated.

Posts to follow soon!

*Sad news everyone. I just learned that Futurama has been cancelled… again. But who knows? If Family Guy could be resurrected so many times with Seth MacFarlane running multiple shows from that success, perhaps Futurama still holds a chance. Posts to follow on the shows that shaped our generation.

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