Just keep swiming, just keep swimming

Keep going on that journey

Keep going on that journey.

Hello, July. You just seemed to sneak up after June left. But time has a way of flying.

Ahem… let’s try this again.

After a hiatus taking care of this, that, and the other, I wanted to find a way of getting back to this writing. I am probably one of a small demographic these days who enjoys taking time to write. While many are busy finding ways to make, market, and distribute content, my writing is focused more on the goals of understanding and bringing people together. Yes, I would like to find ways of reaching more people and expanding the dialogue, but there is a different intensity than someone trying to move “X” amount of product. Using the Millennial’s signature ability to life hack the issue, I came up with the following:

Blogplan v. 2.0

1. Get blog posts out the door at regular intervals.

This may be obvious to many as a necessary part of maintaining a web presence. I say let the one among you who is plugged in 24/7 and does not neglect any life issues, relationships, or sleep can cast the first stone.  It can be a challenge at times to make time for the things we enjoy when things that require almost immediate and usually focused attention keep knocking on the door. To resolve this, I’ve decided to start utilizing the delayed publish feature in a more effective manner. Starting today, I will have a minimum of one post per week to go out on Mondays.

Why Monday?

Monday gets a tough break being the first day of many people’s workweek. I’ve had jobs on every day of the week, so I can’t say I dislike Monday as others do. I prefer a positive outlook, and for any people following this blog, perhaps a thoughtful post would be a welcome item to start the week.

2. Maintain consistency.

Ever wonder how those pounds seem to find your waistline during the holidays and then slowly disappear when you workout during warmer months? It’s all about the habits and keeping up with the change. Fad diets are notorious for shedding pounds, but after enough time what once was lost, now is found. This usually happens by depriving you of your normal caloric intake, and then subsisting on lettuce, or oatmeal, or some other single source. Once the weight falls off, there isn’t as much incentive to subsist on cabbage soup, and returning to old habits brings back the weight.

A successful diet is one that looks not only into the next three weeks, but redesigns your food plans so that you can stay on it for the rest of your life. While people debate the best methods, it is the consistency that will keep a person healthy. Keeping a blog means it needs to be fed quality posts at regular intervals. By trying to adjust my schedule and habits to allow time for writing, I’ll be on a better path to consistency. Going further, getting on a creative streak and having a backup supply of posts will mean that any faithful followers won’t be left wanting on a given Monday.

3. Leave room for the unknown

Current events are, well, always changing. What’s hot one moment is old news before I can scroll through my twitter feed. My non-digital life required attention recently, but I do wish to address issues that are timely and can occur at any time. Without shrinking posts to 140 characters, I may need to make mini posts if a topic of Millennial importance comes up. I’ll also try to tread carefully, as news items sometimes play upon our desire for information at the expense of others, and it is not appropriate to add to media noise when people are directly affected. Some Millennials may remember a time before 24 hour news, but if we are to make meaningful impacts, we need to learn from early broadcasters when facts and respect were as important as getting the scoop.


Let’s take that grit and get back to changing the world one blog post at a time. Thank you, and stay tuned.

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