Mission Statement

Anyone who knows me would say that I have a creative mind. I can tell you that I did not anticipate growing my business skills while pursuing artistic outlets, but it is amazing what a person can and needs to learn when you keep an open mind. Using my admin abilities, I thought I should write out a mission statement for the blog.

“The mission of ‘Voice For My Generation’ will be to address, inform, advocate, and discuss the issues facing Generation Y across many topics, to provide a cohesive voice for the broad spectrum of Generation Y, and to be a place of respect with clear and creative writing.”

I realized from the start that attempting a cohesive voice for a generation will not be a one person operation, and that I will need input from my Millennial colleagues. I will do what I am able, but I will put out the call for input and always welcome thoughts to my ‘ask me’ page. Let’s work together to make this blog the best voice for Generation Y that it can be!


If you’ve found this page you may be interested to learn more about Voice For My Generation and us Millennials. Keep checking back or subscribe for articles, insight, and information related to Generation Y and our impact on the world. Feedback and comments are welcome, but I ask that you keep it classy, use proper grammar and syntax, and keep an open mind. There is no wish to offend; I hope to inform, and help make the world a better place through all Generation Y has to offer.

I am adding my first entry to this page to help inform future visitors of the foundation for this project.

And So it begins…

Welcome. If you are reading this, you’ve found the home of an advocacy and information group for people of a certain age — or should I say generation?  I realized recently amid the cultural tumult that Millennials, Gen Y, Echoboomers, etc. are quickly moving into maturity and we as yet do not possess a cohesive voice.

So… let’s dispense with the allusions to statements made by certain celebrities and scripted works on television and focus on the mission and name of this blog. I am not the voice of my generation. I am not a voice of my generation (well, technically yes, but again moving away from other cultural references). I strive to be the voice for my generation, namely those born between around 1980 and 2000 and known by varying titles.

“How does one person represent a generation?”

Again, I do not solely represent my generation any more than one grain of sand would represent an entire beach. However, I want to cover issues that are important to Millennials. This blog will be a home for discussion, understanding society in context of my generation (and in relation to the other generations), and the important works that Gen Y has brought and will bring to the world.


As a generation, we are eclectic, but the importance of this work does not diminish by difference. Instead, the strength of our generation may grow from our desire to seek individuality. If we all have the right to express ourselves, then we can work to find the common connections that make all parts of life better.

“What’s your motive? What’s your experience?”

I am motivated by a need to represent my generation well, and to do what I can to help all people and generations in our society. Some may say this is not fully altruistic as what helps society may ultimately benefit me as well, but my response is that we all deserve the best society we can build through unified effort. As for my experience, I’ve been a human since the day I was born. Not something that might be great for the résumé, but I’ve been learning, thinking critically, and striving to help others. I also have the benefit of perspective by being a part of my generation. Who better to speak to the topics of our generation than one who is of the group?

“Where do you go from here?”

This is only the beginning. The impact of my generation has already risen to national attention and we will continue to impact planet earth for up to the next century if life expectancy continues to progress. This means my mission will be long-standing, and I want to be the effective voice that brings people together. I cannot speak representing everyone in my generation, but I ask you all to let me speak for you. I want to ensure our legacy, I want to advocate on your behalf, and I want to help make our world better for all of us having a part in it.

Thank you.

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